Saturday, December 12, 2009

Yellow, sunny yellow...

You'd think, what with it being December and all, I'd be concentrating on deep reds, glittery silvers, whites and greens. But, for some reason I'm all about yellow this week. Maybe it's because it's so bitterly cold outside, but my thoughts are already turning to Spring. Not that I want to rush through the holidays - I actually LOVE this time of year. I look forward to the decorating, the baking, the gathering of friends and family.. and ok admittedly NOT the shopping.. but still. It's a wonderful time of year. But, that being said- it's nice to look forward to warmer weather and cheery colors. I have a few yellow hued weddings in the spring season so I've been looking around for some pretty ideas. I love the yellow garden roses in this bouquet. It's such a fresh, happy arrangement.

In addition to garden roses, you can find all kinds of beautiful shades of yellow in roses, calla lilies, ranuculus, orchids, freesia- to name a few (yes, the list is long!!).

And yellow for your wedding doesn't have to be restricted to your flower choices. Yellow is a great accent color for drinks, favors, desserts (!), table settings..even your own ensemble (think yellow shoes!!). I found this collage on a Santa Barbara Wedding Chic blog- very cool.

Next week I'll probably post something more in tune with this season, but today the bitter, frozen air here in Boston begs for something a bit more sunny! Happy planning!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ahh.. my camera broke!

I know I have been terrible about posting- and I had such good intentions, too! Oh well, I have no excuse really except that it was a very busy few months, with lots of weddings! Lots of beautiful weddings, I should say... but unfortunately I don't have photos of any of them because my camera broke. Drat- I knew I should have replaced that crappy thing years ago. Hmm... maybe Santa will bring me one this year (ah hem, Marc!). Anway- hopefully I'll be able to get some nice images from the photographers that documented each event, because they were all unqiue and special and could be inspiration for brides still planning. In the meantime, I did notice that Lexi ( posted some beautiful shots of Andrea and Julie's October wedding. I'll include some here, because they are georgous! I think I mentioned before how much I loved this wedding.. my photos didn't really do the day justice, but Lexi's are amazing. Also, now that my busy season has passed and things are a bit more managable around here I'm planning on posting ideas and inspiration for different types of wedding flowers- maybe arrangements that use unexpected elements, or color combinations that aren't often seen. So stay tuned for that!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Something Borrowed ...

Lauren and Donald's Boston Harbor Hotel wedding was breathtaking. The lush purple tones of the centerpieces were a perfect compliment to the black and white table runners, white silk table linens, and black chivari chairs the couple rented. We alternated tables with a single large square glass vase overflowering with masses of purple and green flowers, and a grouping of three vases of varying heights filled with calla lilies, lisianthus, hydrangea and hyacinth. The Wharf Room is lovely as it is, but dressed up with the deep rich colors- loved the black!!- it was spectacular.

I loved the small details that made this wedding personal and sentimental- tables named for locations special to the couple, a fun candy bar- all purple!!- and best of all.. Lauren asked me to sew some buttons from her mother's wedding dress onto the stem wrap of her bouquet to represent "something old". Awesome idea- I have to admit I wish I'd thought of that one for my own wedding.. and though since launching this career (post-wedding!) there are many, many occasions where I find myself saying that, in this case I really did pinch myself. What a lovely, lovely thing to do!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ah.... Autumn Flowers!

The wedding last Saturday was-in a word-georgous! Lovely couple, crisp Autumn afternoon, and rich hued, luscious flowers! I loved how Andrea and Julie added personal touches in the small details and how everything came together so beautifully. And the weather (after a so-so start) could not have been better - bright sunshine, slight breeze, cool air.... what a glorious day to be married!

We used a combination of dahlias, roses, calla lilies, amaranthus, orchids, spray roses, pyracantha (small orange berried branches) and seed pods to create unique, but complimentary, centerpieces for each table. The flower arrangements were designed to enhance the table runners that were a sentimental part of the decor. Lexi Photography was there to capture it all and I can't wait to see her professional photos (which I of course will post here because I really think this wedding is fantastic inspiration for any couple hoping to marry in the Fall! ).

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Coming Soon!

Welcome to my blog! Here you'll find information about recent weddings, as well as cool ideas for wedding flowers that I come across in my never ending quest for creative ideas. We're working on getting our blog up and running soon.. so please check back with us for photos, ideas, insights and advice.

Happy Planning!