Saturday, December 12, 2009

Yellow, sunny yellow...

You'd think, what with it being December and all, I'd be concentrating on deep reds, glittery silvers, whites and greens. But, for some reason I'm all about yellow this week. Maybe it's because it's so bitterly cold outside, but my thoughts are already turning to Spring. Not that I want to rush through the holidays - I actually LOVE this time of year. I look forward to the decorating, the baking, the gathering of friends and family.. and ok admittedly NOT the shopping.. but still. It's a wonderful time of year. But, that being said- it's nice to look forward to warmer weather and cheery colors. I have a few yellow hued weddings in the spring season so I've been looking around for some pretty ideas. I love the yellow garden roses in this bouquet. It's such a fresh, happy arrangement.

In addition to garden roses, you can find all kinds of beautiful shades of yellow in roses, calla lilies, ranuculus, orchids, freesia- to name a few (yes, the list is long!!).

And yellow for your wedding doesn't have to be restricted to your flower choices. Yellow is a great accent color for drinks, favors, desserts (!), table settings..even your own ensemble (think yellow shoes!!). I found this collage on a Santa Barbara Wedding Chic blog- very cool.

Next week I'll probably post something more in tune with this season, but today the bitter, frozen air here in Boston begs for something a bit more sunny! Happy planning!