Friday, April 9, 2010

Color, revisited

This weekend marks the beginning of my busy season. It was really nice taking a few months off - I had a chance to finish projects around my house, spend lots of time with my husband & kids, catch up with friends over drinks and enjoy lazy weekends.. but I am excited to get back to work. Joyce and Matt's wedding this weekend promises to be super romantic and georgous! For them we're creating all white arrangements and bouquets- with lots of spring elements for added texture.

I'll post pics of their ceremony on Sunday, but for now I thought I'd take a few minutes to look back on some of the bouquets I've made over the years. And though I LOVE an all white palette, I wanted to share some colorful designs- sort of an ode to spring and all the lush, beautiful colors that are now returning to the world around us!

All of the bouquets featured below are Bella bouquets. For more samples of my work, check out my website

Peachy pretty!

Deep pinks and blues are very complimentary!

lush greens, blues and purples work for any season

I loved the subtle yellow and pinks in this bouquet

one of my favorites- love the rich, happy colors

these were from a fall wedding but I loved them so much I had to include them.

Maroon works for Spring!

I love how the hint of orange makes these colors pop

georgous purple with citrus green accent- wow!

This photo was taken by Tirado.. loved this bouquet.

Another one of my favorites- I loved the way this unexpected color combo worked, and coral peonies just happen to be an all time favorite of mine!