Monday, March 22, 2010

Spotlight on.. Anemone!

from jomygoodness
What in the world could be more beautiful than a black and white anemone? Ok, ok.. lots of things probably.. but still, this is one striking flower. I love how it looks so delicate yet so rich all
at once. Imagine a black and white themed wedding- what could be a better flower? Bouquets and centerpieces featuring these would work perfectly and effortlessly. Or, they'd make a beautiful contrast to just about any other color- black and white bouquets against deep pink for example.. or lime green, aqua blue, tan, even orange! A big grouping of them in a simple vase with a vivid tablecloth or runner. Sigh....

from Martha Stewart

from The Knot, Hampton Kennedy Photography

Seriously georgous cake! From Kara's Cakery

Be still my heart..LOVE this with the ribbon! From Chicmap

Sweet bridesmaid posey. From The Knot

I love the slight blush to these... wow! From