Monday, June 14, 2010

Peonies here, peonies there...peonies everywhere!

Pink ones, white ones, coral ones, red ones... whatever. They are ALL georgous. Boy do I ever love peonies! So far all our June weddings have featured lots and lots of peonies- with some orchids and hydrangeas thrown in here and there. I didn't get any shots of Kristin's wedding- but the flowers were beautiful - all shades of white, ivory and blush pink. I did however manage to capture some images from both Andrea's and Jillian's weddings so here they are below.

Andrea's striking color scheme represented with peonies, roses and orchids

close up of the bouquet

bridesmaids bouquets consisting of peonies and orchids

lush ceremony arragement using green & white hydrangea, peonies and roses

sweet cocktail piece

Jill's beautiful bouquet which she personalized
with a sentimental locket

ALL peonies compactly arranged make for a memorable centerpiece