Friday, November 30, 2012

Color Combos!

The other night I provided some flowers for a bridal event at The Villa in East Bridgewater.  It was a lot of fun because they had three different tables set up and I was tasked with pairing flowers with their color schemes.  That was the only guidance I was given.  The themes were: all white with plum accent, lilac & burlap and turquoise & watermelon.  The turquoise and watermelon gave me pause for a moment, but I was THRILLED to find coral peonies and beautiful watermelon colored ranuculus and tulips at the flower market. It almost felt like spring! In fact it could have been spring.. given that this is Boston and the thermometer tends to hover in the low 30s and 40s even in April. But anyway: this ended up being my favorite table. 

I also loved being able to use purple allium.  It's such a fun flower- and gives a very unique look.  I used it as part of a grouping of different flowers on the white and plum table.  I kept the flowers simple but brought interest in with  the vases I chose.

For the burlap table I went a bit rustic- antiqued hydrangea, purple cabbage, clematis and some kind of fern I found at the market that added some interesting texture.

Here are the pics.  The quality isn't that great as I took them with my phone.  Don't worry though, a new camera is top on my list for Santa this year!