Happy Valentines' Day!

May 12, 2001.. the story begins
Today two things made my heart swell- the card my husband gave me and the card my daughter made me. Marc pointed out that he bought the card in advance (!!!) to show me he was thinking about me while he was out of town last week, and the words he used to express how he feels for me reminded me all that's good about our relationship. And my 6 year old presented me with a card she had written all by herself that said "you're so helpful to me so happy valentines day!" awwww.. what's better than feeling appreciated by your kid?!!! Anyway... I'm feeling a bit sappy about my family today. I feel extremely lucky to have the husband and children I do, and I only hope I make them as happy as they make me.

You know in my job I focus a lot on the wedding day, and no argument your wedding is a magical, special, unforgettable day. But, it's everything that comes afterward that makes life truly beautiful. The loves that roots before the wedding blooms and grows with each passing year, with each shared heartache and triumph. Committing to someone and loving them means loving them wholeheartedly, regardless of the little squabbles or annoyances that may crop up, despite hardship, in spite of outside influences. My husband and I are quite different in many ways, but we fit together like a puzzle. He's good at things I'm hopeless at and I, from time to time, have been known to show him a thing or two. We sometimes approach life (and it's challenges) with different perspectives, but our overall goals, ambitions and ideas about our relationship, our family and our future are solidly in sync. And, most importantly we respect each other. We may argue- but in the end we always take time to listen to each other. And then, of course, there's love. I love him. I love our children. I love the life we've built and the future we're building. It's not perfect. But it's ours- and it works.