Showered With Love

Aw, what's a little rain on your wedding day? Ask Charlotte and Younes, and I bet they'd say they barely noticed the torrential downpours that plagued the day from morning til the wee hours of the night. I for one thought it lent a bit of a romantic touch to a day that was already filled with an intoxicating charm and infectious joy. This wedding was extra special to me because I love both of these two humans--and pretty much all the guests that were there to witness their official union-- so much. They're my people, my family. Being a part of their special day was a joy I can't really describe so instead I'll tell a bit of their story through these stunning pictures by Marion Fort

Peonies, and rosebuds and did I mention peonies? 

something new

You never truly see yourself as a bride until that moment. 

these shoes were made for dancing (and getting wed) 

it all begins here

Aren't they beautiful? 

and also adorable? 

your wedding day is like magic

every moment is beautiful 

and you' ll have stories to tell for years to come

but can we talk about the peonies?

I mean...

and that look

I'm not sure anything compares to the way you feel on your wedding day. 

so celebrate it!

don't forget to eat

and take lots of pics

oh my goodness, these 4... I just love them 

who'll need flowers next? 


it all goes by in a blur

but don't forget to make a wish

and then go live happily ever after